Argentex Online enables foreign exchange transactions, from anywhere in the world and at any time. Our tailor-made platform gives you certainty over all exchanges you make. As a user you have the choice to manage your transactions alongside or independently of your dedicated dealer.

With Argentex Online you choose how and when to conduct foreign exchange trades. From anywhere in the world and at any time, our proprietary tool gives you certainty over all exchanges you make.

With Argentex Online’s comprehensive suite of intuitive tools you will find unparalleled technical control and consistency at every point in the transactional process.


Coupling our experience in the market with a deep understanding of clients’ needs led us to develop Argentex Online.

Power meets simplicity to hand you complete control over the entire process from order placement to trade execution and settlement.


Direct market access at any time through our secure online portal, coupled with a comprehensive suite of reporting tools to ensure maximum efficiency and total transparency.

Whether a single spot deal or a strip of forwards two years out, live streaming prices puts market leading rates at your fingertips.


Our unique back office interface allows you to seamlessly control all post-execution actions.

Drawdown, delay settlement, add and assign settlement details, manage notifications – do it all from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.